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Valentime Review

Last Updated on February 21, 2023 by Walter T. Bush

Unfortunately, in the modern technological world, it becomes almost impossible to get acquainted with a girl or woman anywhere. Everyone is in a hurry, many have different concerns and affairs, others just work hard, leaving almost no time for their privacy. But it does not matter. After all, technology has long come to our aid! Now, in order to get acquainted with a woman, it is enough to have a modern telephone or computer and access to the Internet.

Valentime is one of the popular dating sites for finding the second half. They have the largest number of registered women of age 40+. For them, Valentime and its partners organize full background, including a photo session, veirfy their identity and provide smooth and pleasant user experience.

valentime review

For men who want to use dating services, Valentime we have provided a fully established and successfully operating for several years resource that has united the hearts of many couples online all over the world. To do this, they have implemented a whole range of measures – a large database, easy navigation through the site, reasonable prices. Free registration, free placement of photos on the page and a few credits as a gift – this is the step from which your life will start to change!

Sign up at

All you need to do is to register on the website and try everything yourself. Since log in is free, and there are several credits as a bonus, you can also try to communicate with the girls, see how comfortable and easy it is to cooperate with Valentime, and after then deposit funds into your personal account.

So, to enter the site you will need to fill in 4 columns: name, country, email, and password. Mail must be working and not block incoming unfamiliar letters, because there will come a letter confirming registration. Also, there will be news from the site – updates, registration of girls with criteria that interest you, reminders about credit account replenishment, etc.

Create a good password to access the site. As with other resources, we recommend choosing an alphanumeric combination of maximum personal profile security.

After confirming the registration, you are our full visitor! Welcome! From this moment on, amazing changes will start to happen in your life! Start chatting with women using some bonus credits. See how the site works. Do you like everything about it and understand it? Have success!valentime review

Easy to use

After this step, customers are recommended to tell the world about themselves in a convenient and detailed form. Here you can give free rein to thoughts and feelings, trying to describe your interests, passions, and hobbies, as well as expectations from the service. The more will be in your profile, the more comfortable it will be to communicate with you to unfamiliar women. After all, having correspondence with you, they will see what you are interested in and what your goals are, which means that the chances of a happy outcome will be much higher.

Also for dating site, it is worth taking care of the photo. Firstly, it is your profile photo. It is advisable to install a fresh photo so that the interlocutor can really represent you, understand that you are not hiding anything from her. Secondly, your account has the opportunity to place several photos in the album for free. Again, these can be either pages of your life or just portrait shots. All this will show to the world how open you are to communicate.

They have many women from different countries registered on the website, so for comfortable communication with them on the network, and later, in personal meetings, they are ready to provide you with the services of a qualified translator. This is a paid service, though first few hours of translation service on meetings are covered by the platform.

Profile Quality

Many of the users initially feared that some of the female profiles were fake. They can be understood, because women, regardless of age, look simply stunning. It is hard to believe that these are real people who also search for love online because it seems that they already have an ideal life.

Next step is the search for interlocutors. Pay attention to the filter at the top of the page. Here you can note the criteria you are interested in: age, body type, eye and hair color, country, education, language skills, presence of children, etc. The search robot will instantly select those ladies who fit the criteria you specified from the entire database. Well, then – it’s up to you! Start communication, get to know each other more, meet in person! Valentime will support you in this!

valentime review

Pros and Cons

Find out our main advantages:

  • Legal verification of women profiles. The moderation carefully checks identities of female accounts of all newly registered users. Valid profiles are also subject to periodic checks for prohibited content.
  • Affordable prices and nice bonus programs. Despite the fact that many of the services on the site are paid, the prices are as usual as for average online dating sites.
  • An extensive base of women age 40+. They have collected the maximum number of women, who, like you, are looking for new online adventures. Just see how delightful they look and how their eyes shine! They are definitely waiting for your attention!
  • A large list of additional services – delivery of flowers, jewelry, delicacies, urgent dispatch service, organization and holding of meetings, gifting foreign language courses.
  • The disadvantages include:

The disadvantages include:

  • Weak coverage of Muslim countries. These nations have special moral and religious principles that prohibit women from using dating sites.
  • Bonus credits are available when you first enter the site. Subsequently, they disappear.

Prices & Plans

Many of the provided services are paid. Moreover, payment is made not by currency, but by special credits (which are bought for currency through the payment system). Valentime offers you with a “package” set of credits. So, the larger the “package”, the more credits it includes and the cheaper they are. This will allow you to save a little money, but not at all in the capabilities of the site and in communication.

So, going to the site, you get a few free (bonus) credits. You can try to chat a bit with the woman you like. It is really convenient! After all, you should know and understand what money will be paid for. It would be dishonest to ask you to pay for something that you don’t even see how it works.

In your profile, you will find a block of financial data management. There you can track the receipt and expenditure of funds, as well as replenish the account using the built-in application at any time. There is also a free reminder function to recharge the account. This usually happens in the form of e-mail.


As you can see, changing your life is easy! All you need is a telephone, a replenished balance and a bit of free time, and online dating services have already done the rest. Register with Valentime and look for your love, because all the women in the world are near you!

Replenish their ranks, creating your own love story, because you deserve it!

Updated on Feb 2023
May 6, 2019

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