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Syria is notorious for a lot of things, but there are a couple of things it is famous for, the greatest being its beautiful ladies. This article goes into detail about what makes Syrian girls perfect for marriage. It also talks about cultural peculiarities and suggests a couple of reliable sites where you can find legit Syrian mail order brides.

Features of Syrian Women

Just like anywhere else, beautiful Syrian ladies are not all the same. Trust us on this one. It would be creepy to say the least had all people been the same copy of each other. Beauty if always in diversity, which brings us to the idea that all Syrian girls are unique and have something special about them. And it will be only fair to say that this peculiarity that makes them stand out is exactly what makes them attractive. However, in this article, we have tried to collect all the most common features that Syrian mail order brides have to paint you a portrait of an average Syrian woman you would meet online.syrian-brides

Incredibly Traditional

It is true that in a country like Syria that is still in a very traditionalist position, you cannot lead a non-traditional life. Therefore, the lifestyles of Syrian singles are often dictated by the conservative rules and mindsets of the country they reside in. This is applicable to pretty much every sphere of their lives, but especially so to relationships.

First of all, it is important to understand that Syria is a predominantly Muslim country, and Muslims are often much more orthodox than Christians. This means that they follow their religion more strictly and have certain rules that cannot be broken. One of such dogmas is that Muslim girls cannot marry non-Muslim men. If you are a foreign Muslim man seeking a Syrian wife, you are all good! However, if you are Christian, or an adept of any other religion, the only way how you, being non-Muslim, could start a family with a Syrian bride, is converting to Islam.

However, there is a relatively small portion of Syrian ladies that are Christian (about 11.2% of the Syrian population is Christian). So if you work it out, you can find yourself a Christian Syrian girl.


One way or another, traditions and religion play an impressively significant role in the lives of Syrian women. This suggests that a lot of Syrian mail order brides will be virgins. It is prohibited in Muslim for women to have any intimacy, let alone an actual sexual encounter, until marriage. This also explains why exactly looking for a one-night-stand in Syria is a terrible idea. Like, really!

Chances are, you will not only not score yourself a lady for a night, but also offend whatever lady you approach with such an offer. Dating in Syria differs a lot from that in the USA or Europe, because in Syria women only date those men whom they love unconditionally and potentially see as a future husband. Unless you do not intend to marry your Syrian lady, you should not start a relationship with her. Traditionally, it is shameful for women to have many dates. Though, this is also a reason why you can be sure your Syrian bride will stick with you if you manage to win her heart. As divorces are not common in this country.

Committed and Supportive

This leads to another point that is present in every Syrian girl — these ladies are beyond loyal. Cheating is not allowed in Muslim, so you should not worry about your Syrian wife to ever leave you for anyone. Au contraire, family if of the highest importance for Syrian girls, and they will do everything — they can to keep it substantial and happy.

Syrian singles believe in full commitment, so children are a must. These caring women make perfect mothers and are eager to dedicate their lives to raising kids with the love of their life. In fact, Syrian women are so sensitive and full of love. They are in a constant need to share it with their close ones.

This is why you will always feel incredible support from your Syrian bride. Whatever you do, she will be there to have you back.

Down to Earth

Life in Syria is tough, for a lot of different reasons. Having grown in such an environment, these ladies have learned how always to set realistic goals. Their expectations meet their abilities, so you will not be left in a situation where she demands something unattainable from you. Even young Syrian girls act very mature and do not start meaningless arguments over small things.

Look Stunning

Beautiful Syrian ladies are incredibly strong mentally. That’s because of everything they have to go through starting from a very early age. They are also strong physically too. Despite being quite miniature, they are very muscular and toned and are in good shape. They never overindulge in food, so they stay slim. Apart from that, these women have high cheekbones, dark eyes that speak volumes and dark hair. They often have what is called strong faces, which make them appear mysteriously charming.

Where you Meet a Syrian Bride

There is one thing you must know about looking for beautiful Syrian ladies. Unlike with any other nationality, you cannot just go to the country where they live to find a wife yourself. Unfortunately, for many years Syria has remained a warzone, so you cannot visit it there. Because of all the terrorist attacks taking place there, the US Department of State says that no part of this country is safe from violence and gives this country a level 4 travel advisory (Do Not Travel). Apart from that, even if you disobeyed the warning on a quest after Syrian brides, you would still not be able to get there. The majority of airports around the world have suspended flights to Syria.

Therefore, the only way how you can find Syrian women for marriage is via mail order bride services. There are plenty of Syrian brides online. You just need to choose appropriate and trustworthy sites that ensure your safety with a good deal of positive reviews. Below is a couple that could be of good use:


  • This website has mandatory ID verification of profiles. It ensures all the fakes stay away from the platform. So you should not worry about the beautiful Syrian ladies on the site being fake;
  • Transparent payment system;
  • Translational services upon request.


  • An international online dating site that has a lot of profiles of Syrian girls;
  • You can filter your matches in accordance with your preferences;
  • Verification of profiles.


Dating Syrian mail order brides may seem a bit challenging. Many things may prevent you from that, starting from you having to be Muslim and ending with it being impossible to visit Syria. However, if you are ready to overcome all of these difficulties, trust us when we say that beautiful Syrian ladies are 100% worth it! 


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