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Sri Lankan mail order brides are incredibly gorgeous, and it is a well-known fact based on how popular they are within an international dating community. Single men worldwide seem to be losing their heads over these Asian beauties wondering where one can meet them. In this article, we are trying to draw together a complete overview of who Sri Lankan brides are, what they are like, what makes them so attractive, and where to look for them.

It is pivotal for your adequate comprehension of the subsequent material laid out in this article that you fully understand who Sri Lankan mail-order brides really are. A lot of people around the world who are far from international online dating mistakenly frown upon any mention of this term as, unfortunately, in the minds of many people this expression still has some negative connotations. Some people think that this term refers to some shady illegal activities related to human trafficking and sex slavery. However, this is very much not the case with mail order brides from Sri Lanka and mail order bride services in general. Before we delve any deeper, let’s clarify what is meant when using this figurative expression!

sri lankan mail order brides

First of all, who can become a Sri Lankan mail order bride? The answer to this question lies within a definition of who Sri Lankan brides are. Long story short, ladies are all Sinhalese women who decide that they do not want to get married to any of the men from Sri Lanka and therefore turn to various online dating websites to meet foreign men there. They do it out of their free will and are not being scouted or selected in any other way by the third party. Thus, absolutely any girls can become mail order brides if they wish to. All it takes for them is to go on the appropriate website and create a profile there so that men from all around the globe could find them.

Why Sri Lankan Women Want to Date Foreign Guys

Gender Imbalance

The male to female ratio is not balanced. There are more women in the country, with the current proportion of 94 males for 100 females, which leaves a lot of beautiful Sri Lankan bride single and lonely just because the competition is just too high. This is partly because of the recent past events surrounding the history of Sri Lank that underwent a civil war that wiped out a considerable part of males.

Local Men Aren’t Adventurous Enough

Brides in Sri Lanka are very adventurous and curious about the world, so they want to meet a man who would share their interests, while men are more down to Earth and are not particularly fond of traveling.

Want a Better Life

Lastly, it is true that the economic situation in this ‘third-world’ country is not perfect, so a lot of women are seeking a better life elsewhere.

Sri Lanka Mail Order Brides Online Dating

What is also important to mention is that the reason a collocation ‘brides for sale’ or ‘buy a wife’ is sometimes used when talked about mail order brides is most definitely not because one can place a bid and get a bride of their liking shipped to them. What happens in reality, is that membership on online dating platforms is often not free (for a lot of reasons, the main one usually is to keep all those with superficial intentions away), so men have to pay a fee in order to gain an access to all the features the website offers for convenient communication.

Thus, it can be also stated that while men can pay extra for some additional features, it does not necessarily guarantee success with a particular woman of their liking. In fact, while it may make you positively stand out among other men interested in a specific girl if you put more effort into winning her heart, the actual chatting up is on you. So better prepare your best pick up lines since Sri Lankan brides are worth it.

Features of Sri Lankan Wife

Although we cannot say for absolutely all Sri Lankan brides as all of them are unique and differ from each other, but the following is a collective portrait of an average Sinhala girl. Keep in mind that some particular brides From Sri Lanka may have different traits, so if you fancy one of these sexy ladies and would like to find out what they are like you should get to know her to better yourself. However, the following description would be an excellent place to start!


What is amazing about Sri Lankan girls is how unbelievably caring they are. They have incredibly big hearts and will always take care of those who are close to them. In culture dating means a real union of two loving hearts, so if a beautiful Sri Lankan lady falls for you, you can be sure you will be nurtured in every way possible. These brides know exactly how to please their men and how to keep them content.

As mentioned earlier, in marriage Sri Lankan brides preach a somewhat old-school approach: they believe that once a couple manifests their love to each other and binds together, they become pretty much inseparable and stay right next to each other for life. No matter what happens, wives vow to care for their husbands in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, till death does them part. And these are not just meaningless words to Sinhalese brides. They genuinely do care for their husbands.


Apart from that, respect towards the paternal figure is one of the key principles in their culture. Girls from Sri Lanka are brought up with the idea that they have to treat the main male of the family, either that being their father when they are kids or their significant other when they start their own family, with undeniable respect and appreciate them. Therefore, if you are looking for a bride that would not only respect you and your worldviews, but also would not question your authority, you should definitely have a closer look at these magnificent ladies. Nevertheless, it does not mean that these ladies do not have a strong character and can be abused or treated as servants. They will obey you, and consider your opinion, but they would also expect you to be gentle and respectful to them, too.

Extremely Open

Their girls are a pleasure to be around because of how friendly and jolly they are. These women are not afraid to communicate with people around them, nor are they too shy to voice their opinion and start a heated debate. They love learning new things and absorbing new information from the outside world, so they take every opportunity to converse with others.

They are naturally talkative and can easily keep the conversation flowing. This makes them particularly suitable for online dating as you can be sure your chat will not buffer and will always be lively, brimming with interesting questions and meaningful discussions. Furthermore, yet another pleasant surprise is that these ladies are often fluent in English, which is frequently a problem in international communication with mail order brides as some of them do not have sufficient knowledge of the language. It is not the case with Sri Lankan brides! You could spare a coin without having to hire a translator as well as avoid awkward misunderstandings related to the wrong use of language.

Apart from that, this specific trait is quite useful for those men trying to win a hot girl’s heart, since all you have to do is listen carefully — she will share all the details herself. It is very different from a lot of Slav and Western women who appear to be more reserved and private.


However, while Sri Lankan brides are, indeed, not the quietest ones, it does not mean they are nonchalant with secrets. In fact, they are very reliable secret keepers, so you can trust your  date with a lot of things, and be sure they will die with her.

Moreover, with all their friendliness, these girls do not have a somewhat annoying feature of always wanting to be in the center of attention. They are great at keeping a chat going, but they do not demand all the group’s undivided attention to be focused on them. On the contrary, a lot of girls can be described as humble and modest.

Speaking of which, they will never argue in public because this is a taboo in the culture. Sinhalese women believe all the family business must remain behind a closed door, so they will never gossip about any family problems must any appear, to their girlfriend.


This statement links back to the points that we have already covered, but let’s reinforce this idea in your head since family is truly one of the most important things in a life of a brides from Sri Lanka. Family values shape a Sri Lankan girl from a very young age, molds some specific qualities of her character as she is growing up.

Sri Lankan brides can do a lot to ensure their family’s well-being and happiness. Traditionally, it is widespread for Sri Lankan girls to keep living with her parents until she finds a husband. Family bonds are much deeper in this Asian country than they are in Western countries where children move our relatively early to start their independent lives.


This is a cultural peculiarity that you have to respect if you want to start a meaningful relationship with a Sri Lankan girl. If you want to marry a girl from Sri Lanka, you would have to show your true intentions to her family and seek their approval. It is very important since the family has a lot of impact on the life of a girl in Sri Lanka, and they can sometimes even have the last word in deciding whether a certain man is good enough for their daughter or not.

However, if you manage to get the love of a Sri Lankan bride’s parents (which should not be too hard, if we are being honest, just be yourself, after all, this is exactly what she likes you for), you will get accepted to the family and will be treated as such!


It would not be fair not to mention the peculiar beauty of Sri Lankan ladies. Of course, it is never all about the looks, and to be truly beautiful, you need to have both inner and outer beauty in check. However, you cannot ignore facts, and the facts are being that Sri Lankan girls are absolutely stunning!

Because of its geographical location, Sri Lanka has been more exposed to the European influence than the rest of the Asian regions. In the past, this country used to be on the crossroads of popular trade routes, hence a lot of European nations have traveled through Sri Lanka, leaving a trace of European genes. Although the European genes are recessive, Sri Lanka somehow managed to get them ‘locked up’ in its beautiful ladies, which resulted in an unmatched beauty of women from Sri Lanka.

While they do share similar looks and features with other Asian girls such as long shiny dark hair, their skin is much fairer, and it not that rare to meet a woman with light green or blue eyes. Such a combination looks gorgeously exotic and attracts a lot of foreign men. 

Ambitious and Hard-working

However, it is not all looks that Sri Lankan women get all the work done with. In fact, while being extremely hot and pretty, they also are known for being hard-working and rather ambitious. Perhaps, not in the most traditional meaning of the word since women in Sri Lanka do believe in gender roles and are not opposed to the idea of men being the bread-winners. But these ladies still believe in doing things well and achieving great results in whatever it is they dedicate their time to. Because of the civil war, they have learned how to manage all the hard work themselves, which shaped their characters and made them a bit tougher. Yet, still, even completing some challenging work, they somehow remain very feminine.

Best Sites To Meet Sri Lankan Bride Online

  • Sri Lankan Mail Order Brides1


Because of how outgoing Sinhalese brides are, it is expected that they will be represented well on various online dating websites. However, while finding them should not be a problem, you still need to make sure you choose reliable platforms for online dating that have a lot of positive reviews. You need to browse through the review so that you know exactly what to expect from any given website and are sure it is a hundred percent legit. If you do not feel like wasting any more time trying to find a trustworthy platform for online dating and want to embrace communicating with Sri Lankan girls already, do not worry, we got you covered! Here are a couple of sites where you could find some beautiful  mail order brides from Sri Lanka:


  • The website collects profiles of the most beautiful Sri Lankan brides on the internet;
  • Registration is very fast and easy;
  • This website has an impressive history of successful matches that ended up with marriage.


  • One of the most popular Asian online dating sites that has a wide range of profiles of sexy Sri Lanka girls;
  • Offers an extensive searching tool that allows you to ensure complete compatibility with your match;
  • Has a 128-bit SSL protected payment system.


Sri Lankan brides are perfect for those men looking to meet a sexy Asian lady but would love her to have fluent English so that they could not only admire her appealing looks but also have a deep, meaningful conversation without any intermediaries. Sri Lankan brides are amiable, supportive, respective and ambitious: a spicy combination that will not leave you bored!

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