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Singapore brides are a completely different breed of girls. These beautiful Asian ladies are a combination of all the best features intrinsic to the western and the eastern worlds. They believe in family values and respect their men, but at the same time, they also preach gender equality and personal independence. Singapore brides are known for their incredible intelligence and a good sense of humor, and they make great partners for life that will never let you get bored and will always support you.

Why Singapore Brides

For an average western man, Singapore is one of the most distant countries in the world, which makes dating Singaporean girl so thrilling and exciting. Girls from Singapore are a real rare find within the international dating community since the sphere of online dating Singapore is still behind all the European countries. This is because a lot of Singaporean women are more keen on dating local men instead of trying to build a family with someone from abroad.

singapore brides

Nevertheless, due to the Singaporean ladies’ amazing personalities and all the great features intrinsic to them, men from all around the world are still desperately trying to meet a Singapore bride. We cannot blame them. These girls really are gorgeous!

Characteristics of Singaporean Girls

Incredibly Intelligent

One of the things that is true for pretty much all Singapore brides is how smart they are. Intelligence is a key feature in understanding the character of an average girl from Singapore as they pay a lot of attention to their education. Indeed, Singapore women invest a lot of effort and money into their personal growth and development to reach their maximum brain capacity. Singapore ladies believe it is important to be able to hold any conversation and value an interesting chat above anything when it comes to choosing a partner.

With great intelligence also comes open-mindedness. Because of how eager these ladies are to experience new things and learn as much about the world as possible, they are very open to accepting new concepts, ideas and practices. They do not hesitate to appreciate your eccentric interests and partake in them so that they could later analyze their feelings and thoughts. This also means, Singaporean ladies are very tolerant and will most likely support you in any business you may want to embrace.

Needless to say, based on the amount of work they put into their education, their knowledge of languages is excellent as well. You can be sure all the beautiful Singapore women are fluent in English, so you will never have a problem communicating with them.


All the pride these ladies take in their unmatched intelligence cannot help but spur amazing ambitiousness in their characters. Dating Singaporean girl often means she will try to take things under her control and plan out everything herself. This also means that a lot of girls in Singapore tend to embrace challenging professions and dedicate their lives to their careers. This explains why there are so many women in tech in Singapore.

If there is one thing that you cannot expect your Singaporean woman to be is to become a stay at home housewife. These ladies have too much ambition and energy to dedicate their entire life to household chores. They do not believe in the traditional gender roles, and, following the example of western countries, share the financial responsibilities equally with their men.

They trust in financial independence as it lays in the foundations of a stable family. Although not mainly traditional, Singaporean women are still very family-oriented. Therefore, it is important to create a bond not only with a Singapore bride but also with her family. You need to find an appropriate approach to her parents so that they would approve their daughter’s choice.

Women in Singapore choose their path in life themselves. Hence they know exactly what is that they want to achieve and work hard towards attaining their goals. Most of them are perfectionists, so they love to keep things neat and flawless.

Friendly and Sociable

Because of their active social life as well as due to their great levels of education, beautiful Singapore women are neither afraid of communicating with people nor they feel shy to do so. They are ready to start a small talk wherever the same way they are eager to embrace a meaningful conversation. They love a structured discussion and since they are very opinionated, they would never turn down an excellent talk that would allow them to voice their point of view.

Girls from Singapore are known for their approachable nature and warm attitude. They always have a friendly smile on their faces!

Great Sense of Humor

And, to be fair, there always is a reason to smile! Singapore mail order brides know how to crack a joke and are generally very lighthearted. They live in a very fast-paced world, so it is important for them not to take things too close to heart and be able to laugh from time to time. Especially since they look so pretty with a smile on.

Look Gorgeous

In fact, beauty is yet another feature of hot Singapore women. They are slender and are either tall or of medium height. Yes, basically models! Just like any other Asian girl, they can boast amazing shiny black hair and flawless clean skin. Moreover, beautiful Singapore women tend to be more curvaceous than the rest of Asian women, so you can expect your Singaporean beauty to have a juicy figure.

Where to Look for Beautiful Singapore Women

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It is important to go on legit sites that have a lot of positive reviews so that you avoid all sorts of unpleasant situations such a being scammed or catfished. The following are some sites you can hop on and know for sure you are safe:


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Beautiful Singapore women are a perfect choice for those men who want a partner whom they could really call equal, both intellectually and financially. These ladies are hard-working, ambitious and communicable. They set goals and they reach them. And so will you with their indisputable support. So, if you believe a smart and hot girl is the combination you are looking for, you should definitely consider getting to know a girl from Singapore.


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