In today’s internet age, technology and the web have found functional applications in sectors such as work, shopping, sport, and education. This begs the question “Why not dating?”. Today, it is not out of the ordinary to use the internet to search for a wife via dating websites. In fact, it just might be a more logical step as opposed to trolling clubs and bars looking for love.

Loverwhirl is an Asian dating website that offers you the opportunity to meet the true love of your life from your couch. It gives men as well as women from different continents and countries a chance for love and marriage. Loverwhirl is a recommended option for you, especially if you are new to the miracle that is online dating. Using a sophisticated algorithm, Loverwhirl matches men and women to each other, helping them to start relationships that can lead to marriage. Its database is continuously updated with thousands of real people joining the dating service every day. This increases your chances of finding love. Effective communication tools are paired with site search capabilities, enhancing your experience on the website.loverwhirl review

New users are granted 20 credits to allow for familiarity with the dating service before paid membership kicks in. The prices are incredibly affordable, and the website offers a wide range of functional features. This review of the website discusses the accessibility of the site, registration, user profiles and other vital features of Loverwhirl.

Easy Usage

One of the significant merits of Loverwhirl is that it is effortless to use. On the first visit to the website, the simplicity and aesthetic appeal of the site is sure to delight you. Elegance is the order of the day on the website; there are zero provoking pictures. Also, the home page is devoid of irritating and provoking advertisements. New users are welcomed by a unique sign-up form accompanied by a picture of a pretty, smiling lady.

The powerful search feature on Loverwhirl matches users with potential wives. It offers you simple as well as extended search features, where you can find the wife of your dreams based on education, religion, and lifestyle. Another feature that makes Loverwhirl easy to use is that it monitors your profile and provides you with feedback on people that are interested in dating you. This is a step forward in online dating circles. For instance, if a woman views your page, the service can alert you if she matches with you. This way, you can find her, chat with her and find real love.

Sign Up / Registration

Registration on Loverwhirl is free of charge. All you have to do is sign up, and you earn 20 free credits, including access to thousands of real Asian singles. Loverwhirl verifies each user to protect you from spam profiles, fake profiles, and scams. Joining Loverwhirl for a legit dating experience can be done in six simple steps.

The sign-up form

The first step is to fill out a designated form. This form includes your relationship goals, email, birthday and password. After filling this form, you can sign in to Loverwhirl using your email address and password. The website also prompts you to read the Terms of service, Cookie Policy, Risks Notice and Privacy Policy.


Every dating service has an algorithm that is used to match you to your potential wife. Loverwhirl is no different. Maybe it is, its algorithm is exceptionally efficient and matches you to preferable profiles of real people. For this algorithm to work, it needs information about your preferences, taste, and qualities. This is the reason behind the questionnaire. Answer all of the questions honestly, and you are one step closer to finding real love on     Loverwhirl.

Your profile picture

Your profile picture: Appearance is an essential part of online dating. The only way other people can determine your appearance is through your profile photo. It doesn’t have to be a professional photograph. All you need is a good-looking picture of yourself, and you are ready good to go. A nice profile photo will help you get the attention of beautiful single people like yourself.

A brief bio

For a potential to wife to learn about your persona, she needs more than a picture and your questionnaire answers. With a  short bio, you can let people who view your profile know more about your interests and lifestyle. This way, people who view your profile already know what to discuss with you. Also, real ladies will be able to find you interesting immediately.

Try for free

Loverwhirl offers free credits to all new users. This allows you to know how the Asian dating service works. With the free credits, you can also try out various exciting features. We are sure that after this test drive, you will be willing to opt to become a     paid member of Loverwhirl.

Loverwhirl works using a system of paid subscriptions. Depending on your reference, you will be able to select from different membership levels. All payments are secure and are made using MasterCard or Visa’s channels.loverwhirl review

Search and profile quality

Loverwhirl offers two different search modes to help you pick the perfect wife. It is a legit Asian dating service that seeks to make things easy for you. The first search mode allows you to search for real women based on their locations and ages. The second search mode allows you to search with more filters, including membership status, online status e.t.c. You can even go as far as inputting a user’s ID to find them.

The measure of a dating service is determined by the quality of real profiles on it. Loverwhirl’s attention to detail is impeccable. This is why you can be sure that you are speaking to a real bride with pictures and videos that aren’t fake. It also protects you from spam accounts. Also, the fact that you can add videos to your profile is a significant plus. That way, you can form an impression of the person you want to talk to before making a move.

Loverwhirl’s database is continuously taking in new additions. Thousands of people join the dating service every day, increasing your chances of finding the perfect wife for you. There is always someone to talk to on Loverwhirl.loverwhirl review


When using the internet, safety and privacy are two important concepts. Loverwhirl doesn’t share your profile information with any third party application. You can be 100% confident that your data is safe. Also, modern online protection measures in the form of 128 bit SSL encryption offers you complete security. You can rest assured of complete privacy and safety while communicating with other users.

All payments made are protected by Visa as well as MasterCard SecureCode. There are also measures in place to protect you from scams. If you communicate with a member that is using a fake identity, all credits used during the communication will be refunded. Also, if a member asks you for money, the member will be automatically banned from using the service. All credits spent while communicating with such a member will be returned. Finally, Loverwhirl allows users to make small gift purchases via the system. If delivery of such gifts doesn’t happen, all credits used to make the purchase are refunded. With Loverwhirl, you can be sure of total transparency and complete coverage.

Prices & Plans

Loverwhirl is not a free dating site. Most free dating websites are not legit; therefore, we advise that you don’t use them. Loverwhirl makes use of a credit system. These credits are obtained by making payments using a credit or debit card. Remember that when you join Loverwhirl, you automatically earn 20 free credits. This way, you can learn more about the service before making a financial commitment.

The credit system Loverwhirl uses has the following features:

  • Instant messaging at 2 credits per minute
  • Your first letter which can be up to 3,500 characters at 10 credits each
  • Subsequent love letters at 30 credits each.

As you can see, the credit system is relatively inexpensive. You have to be willing to spend money if you want to meet people online. There is a dedicated team committed to helping you find love, and they need decent pay.

Pros and Cons

The pros of Loverwhirl include:

  • Millions of attractive users
  • Quick and efficient matching
  • Protection from scams
  • Complete privacy
  • Simple interface
  • Functional chatting options
  • Updated database

Perhaps, the only feature that can be classified as a con that Loverwhirl only offers paid membership.


From this review, you can see that Loverwhirl is a top-notch Asian dating service. Its many merits include free credits for new users, simultaneous chatting with multiple people as well as 24-hour customer support. If you are searching for simplicity and constant communication, Loverwhirl is an excellent option for you. Its accessible user interface makes it perfect for newbies to the Asian dating scene. Its powerful and efficient matching algorithm, as well as its extensive database, means that your chances of meeting the perfect wife are very high. Sign up on it today!