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Japan is probably the most unusual country on the planet. Many of those who have visited it call it a country of a different civilization. This is due to the fact that for a long time, Japan was closed for all foreigners. Nowadays, things have changed. It’s possible for every foreigner to meet Japanese girls.

By restricting foreign presence in the country in the 17th century, Japan thus protected its culture and traditions from foreign influence. For almost 250 years, the country has been developing its own path. This period was marked by the development of some types of art and culture, which to this day are associated with Japan.

The Appearance of Japanese Singles

Women living in Japan usually have fragile bodies and are higher than other Asian people. Most women are thin, which, among other things, is associated with good nutrition and sports. At the same time, they have quite large heads and an elongated facial shape. The eyes of women are wide open and sometimes even seem enormous. The protruding nose is their most well-known peculiarity.

Ladies have light skin, but this does not prevent them from making it even whiter, using various whitening means. They care about appearance properly and devote a lot of time to caring for themselves. People are obsessed with cleanliness, and in a public place, it is difficult to meet an untidy person with dirty hair or clothes. Most women choose restrained and refined makeup; besides, they prefer clothes from expensive brands.

Almost all ladies have black hair. It can often be seen that many women have problems with teeth and bite. Therefore, plastic surgery is widespread in the country. Especially when it comes to models. Nevertheless, locals say problems with bite add additional charm.

Where to Meet Japanese Women?

Understandably, the easiest way to meet Japan girls is to go to the country. There are also large diasporas in the USA and Brazil, but they have become extremely assimilated. In Russia, they can also be found in Moscow, St. Petersburg. They are concentrated mainly in universities and less often in Japanese companies.

The main contingent is students. Meeting Japanese women is also possible in large cities in Europe.

Let’s imagine you are fully aware of how to meet Japanese girls of different ages. If you are aimed at serious relationships, the next step you have to perform is to date the lady. Let’s have a look at the most important factors that can determine your success.

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Meet Girls in Japan and Date Them

Dating is an important stage of the relationship each couple in love goes through. Meeting girls in japan may not be an easy task, as well as dating them. Here are the things you’d better take into account to be aware of all the nuances before you meet Japanese singles in real life.

Find Japanese Girls: Language

You already know how to meet Japanese women. You should also be aware of the first thing that may influence everything: language.

To meet a Japanese woman, you must, first of all, solve the problem of the language barrier. If you do not speak her native language, then the amount of potential Japanese girlfriends is getting smaller. Not all ladies think about building relations with a foreigner. As for those who want, a fairly small number is fluent in English.

Of course, with the knowledge of English only, you can get acquainted with a Japanese woman on the street and take her telephone number for further communication. But the chance of a serious relationship is small enough because you should have at least minimal knowledge of Japanese so that everything goes further.

However, do not forget about the range of Japanese women who dream of foreigners.

How to Meet Japanese Girl: Secrets of Success

So what are the secrets of success? There is nothing special. Japanese lady is an ordinary girl, not an alien. You need to do the following:

  • communicate with her a lot;
  • interest her;
  • find something common;
  • walk and visit various places together.

But there are some misconceptions and a lack of information about the Japanese. We’ll tell you about those.

Firstly, women are not as shy or modest as many imagine. They can be quite shameless. During some friendly drinking, they may begin to ask questions concerning the details of your intimate life, pay several compliments, etc. Of course, this will largely depend on the person; there are different girls. Some of them are modest and shy, that’s true, but not all of them.

Secondly, Japanese women have no particular illusions about the relationship between a man and a woman. If she agrees to go on a date with you, there is no need to think about whether she likes you or not. If you are on a date, be sure she likes you.

Besides, girls never flirt aimlessly. But if something goes wrong, the Japanese woman will honestly say two of you are too different. Kisses in Japan is quite an intimate procedure. The girl will only kiss someone with whom she is ready to have sex in the future. That is, if a woman does not mind kissing you, you can proceed to the next stage of the relationship.

Then, you should know that compliments and romance in Japan are unusual. The romance there is specific. And compliments are perceived as a sweet lie.

Recommendations on How to Date Girls

The answer to where to meet Japanese girls is fully clear already. Here are the recommendations for you to date her successfully.

  • The language should be Japanese, as a last resort, English.
  • Self-confidence – you need to be brave and understand what you want. In other cases, the lady will feel you are not serious enough.
  • It is advisable that someone introduce you to a girl. The presence of another person is an important part of Japanese culture. But remember that the absence of a guarantor is better than a bad guarantor.
  • Exaggerate your merits. Tell her about your work in a little bit exaggerated manner. No one will check your words, at least until the family meeting. Local women are very focused on some kind of perspective; they have it in their blood. Give it to the lady.

Japanese woman with beautiful hair

A Marvelous Opportunity to Meet Japanese Women Online

The first thing that comes to mind when a person asks about where to meet Japanese women is advice to go to Japan. But what if one doesn’t want to spend this much time on it? Modern time offers modern solutions: special matrimonial services. Using those, one gets to know how to meet Japanese girl online.

The main peculiarity of matrimonial services for family-oriented people is that all the important information is already presented. Every person who uses such a service provides information about his/her hobbies, likes/dislikes, goals. Due to this, one doesn’t need to waste time in vain.

Values of Women

Everything in Japan is regulated by the law. There is a thing that the letter of the law cannot change: the traditional relationship of the sexes in Japanese society. Women in Japan are family-oriented. Girls are brought up with the idea that in the future, they will be entrusted with all household responsibilities.

A traditional Japanese man is not involved in routine everyday life. At the same time, regardless of whether the wife works or not, the fresh dinner should wait on the table. The rooms should be clean, and in the morning, the man will demand a tasty breakfast. Moreover, this does not cause any protests. The Japanese are people of harmony and obedience.

Advantages of Japanese Women

Ane men looking for a bride from Japan should be aware of the strengths of girls from this country.


Japanese women consider it extremely important to dedicate enough time to their husbands. If you will be facing any problems in the future ( be it personal or business problems), you can be sure she won’t leave you. Besides, these ladies are wonderful mothers.


Ladies from this country are always open to something new. They accept life changes easily. If there will be a need to move somewhere, she will do it with you without hesitating. If there is true love between the two of you, of course. If you want her to be ready to go anywhere with you and change her life, you’ll have to win her heart first.


Education is very important in Japan. Ladies in this country do their best to get a proper education. Smart and educated, they present themselves well in society. Having such a wife, you shouldn’t be afraid you will be bored with her. Ladies know how to support any conversation.


As we have previously mentioned, Japanese girls are very nice-looking. The exceptional charm of your lady will make it difficult to keep your eyes off her. For many years, you will enjoy her inspiring beauty. Girls know how to care for themselves. Due to this, sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish a young schoolgirl from a 30-year old lady. They like to look great, and they are successful in it.

As you can see, a Japanese wife is a dream for many men. Exceptionally beautiful, clever, optimistic, they will bring light to your life. If you don’t want to go to the country to look for a girlfriend/wife, online matrimonial services are the best solution.

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