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Pros and Cons

Perhaps any dating site (and any other service) has its strengths and weaknesses. And it is good if the service providers do not hide it. We want to be better for you, therefore, we adequately assess our advantages and disadvantages in order to provide you with a real picture of our work and improve where it is possible. So let’s start with the “pros”:


  • Huge base of girls from Asia. Perhaps this is our main competitive advantage. Given the powerful search engine and filter system according to various criteria (age, presence of children, shape parameters, etc.), you can select for yourself several dozen suitable candidates and continue to communicate with them. And what is suddenly, among them you will find your future wife?
  • The security of your personal and financial information is also an important factor when registering on a dating site. What is included here? First of all, the profile is almost impossible to crack, and accordingly, to steal what is placed there. Further, your credit card information, which is used to replenish a personal account on the site, is kept secret.
  • Legal girls’ profiles. We know that many websites “sin” with unreal accounts in order to create a “client base” for themselves and simply to lure funds from the interlocutor. You are protected from this at Lovingfeel.
  • Convenient credit payment system (our service uses no dollars, but credits). We recommend also using our “package offers”. So, the more credits are in the “package”, the cheaper each of them is. There is also a bonus system.


A large number of paid services. We have a large team of specialists who receive salaries and expensive equipment that requires maintenance. If we reduce the cost of services or make them free, this will seriously lose their quality. So far, we believe that the last 2 factors are, after all, more important for our clients.
Inability to assess the real motives of the girls registered. Their profile, of course, is real, but whether the girl wants a relationship or just likes to communicate with foreigners is difficult for us to know. You will have to rely on your own intuition and ability to understand people.

 LovingFeel Review


Already seeing our advantages and disadvantages, you can estimate by 90% whether our service is suitable for you or you will look for something else. In order to let you stay with us, we want to add some more information about our work. How many similar sites have you already “flipped through” – 5, 10, 20? All of them are similar, of course, but the information is rather scarce. Therefore, it is difficult to decide on the start of cooperation with them.

Lovingfeel – is a “dating market” for many years. In our office, there are many family photos of couples who met thanks to us, and this is our incentive to move on, to develop in many ways, not to stop there and continue our mission. We are advised to unmarried friends and acquaintances because here is not just business and luring money. Your future family is born here!

You will have also to do your best for this. But everything that depends on us we are happy to provide. And this is a clear user interface, easy navigation through the site, data security and a wide variety of unmarried women. Next, it’s up to you. Find yourself some suitable candidates and chat with everyone, or focus on a single girlfriend. All is in your hands!LovingFeel Review

How much does it cost?

Good service requires money. It’s hard to argue with that. That is why many services of our website are paid. Among them are: sending messages, performing video chats, virtual or real gifts, receiving a premium account (with a higher rating) and many other functions. Why is that? As already mentioned, to maintain a high level of service, you need qualified personnel, special software, expensive servers. In addition, by paying for services, you confirm the seriousness of your intentions, and we, therefore, ensure our girls from fraudulent manipulations.

Payment is as follows. In the built-in payment system, you make a credits’ purchase using your bank card. In your personal account at any convenient time, you can view your current balance and movement of funds – how much has been received, where it has been spent, etc. LovingFeel Review

Sign up for

Let’s immediately talk about registration. It is absolutely free for everyone and consists of several steps:

  • In a special window, you need to enter your name, valid email and create a password.
  • Confirm your intentions by clicking on the link that came to your email.
  • Run log in under an existing account and begin to fully use it.

It is needed to have a valid e-mail, because the important information may come in there: new services appearance, new girls from Asia (Vietnam, Korea, Japan, China, and other countries) registration, reminders to replenish the balance, promotional offers.

Next, you should fill out a detailed questionnaire about yourself. Why do you need it? First, the detailed information will arrange the girl, she will be confident in you as in the interlocutor. Secondly, you outline the range of your interests and hobbies, so that girl will communicate easier with you. It is worth picking up a photo for an avatar, or maybe uploading additional pictures to a special album. Let others know you better!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman. For the beginning of an acquaintance, especially virtual, it is better to know a little about the person you like beforehand. This will speed the date and help to avoid unnecessary formalities from the dialogue.LovingFeel Review

Easy to use

Once find our site, you will immediately appreciate its advantages as a communicator. The service is not overloaded with unnecessary information and advertising. Simple navigation will help you find a tab with your information, as well as read useful articles on how to start a conversation, what to look for in the dialogue, etc. We also have a tab with frequently asked questions.

The interface is designed so that the main background is not tiring, and important blocks of information and buttons are contrasted with highlight. The site works equally effectively with any operating systems. Messengers in it are clear and not overloaded with unnecessary buttons. With their help, you can both exchange text messages and make calls (like Skype). Also in the dialogue, you can send numerous emoji, gif-messages, photos, and videos. Its multitasking is also provided. You can chat with several girls at the same time, switching between conversations.

Also, it is necessary to mention another important attribute of the site for your convenience – the built-in translator. Indeed, not everyone knows Chinese or Japanese, and Asian girls cannot speak English. You can use add-in one, but its work may not be perfect due to the complexity of languages. Alternatively, the translation service can be ordered separately. In this case, the translation will be much better.LovingFeel Review

Search & profile quality

Search on the site is the first step in communication with girls. For providing this we have a convenient filter function. The search robot selects the requested criteria from the pages of girls. Thus, you can, if you wish, limit yourself to the circle of communication in the following categories:

  • age;
  • body parameters (height and weight, body type);
  • appearance features – eye and hair color;
  • bad habits – smoking or drinking alcohol (or their both absence);
  • nationality;
  • a language’s knowledge;
  • the presence of children, etc.

If all this is irrelevant for you, then just choose the girl you like, study her profile and go ahead!

We want to emphasize that all profiles belong to real girls. We carefully check all newly registered profiles to eliminate the fakes’ presence or accounts’ duplication. Our arsenal also has a powerful anti-spam filter and some more useful applications that prevent offensive or deceptive content.LovingFeel Review

Avoiding scam

Our service has its own privacy policy and profile checks. The unverified account simply does not get to the site. We also check the information placed in the profile using a search for potentially dangerous keywords. Thus, spam and fraudulent pages are excluded.

In addition, all documents and photos placed or sent by messenger are also subject to antivirus and other protection programs and applications to minimize the likelihood of any threat.

An important nuance is financial security because you trust us with information about your bank card. If you comply with the principles of our policy, then all your financial information is protected, and this could be guaranteed.LovingFeel Review

Conclusion is an excellent service for men from all over the world to find their Eastern love. For this, in your arsenal, there are all the means. You can get acquainted with the girls just using your phone, the need to visit unfamiliar places and companies simply disappear.

Try it yourself, how easy and convenient it is to find a wife with the help of Lovingfeel!

Updated on Feb 2023
May 6, 2019

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