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Jewish girls are a rare find for those men looking for an international mail order bride for many reasons. However, they are worth looking for. This article explains all the important things about dating an Israeli woman and goes into detail about what one can expect them to be like. As well as that, we also provide some trustworthy websites that can match you with beautiful Israeli brides.

What Is so Special About Israeli Brides?

Israel dating is extremely different from dating in any other country not only in the Middle East but also in Eastern Europe and Asian countries. The reason for this is that Israel is one of the most developed countries in the world, both economically and culturally. The living standards of this country are very high. So most women do not really want to move out to a foreign land. This is exactly the reason why Israeli mail order brides are an extremely rare find. They do not seek a foreign man for marriage as often as ladies of other nationalities do. However, it is a good thing! This means that if you do find Israeli brides online, you can be sure their intentions are pure.

As all they are after is real romance and not citizenship of your country. This is a refreshing change. With girls from other countries, you always wonder whether the social and financial hardships in their homeland becomes the main driving force in their desire to find a foreign husband.

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Features of Israeli Women

Independent and Strong

One of the most important things to start this little insight into who are Israeli women and what they are like is to mention that they are not like most of the women in the world. Their characters are often shaped in the army. Israel is one of the only few countries in the world that have mandatory military service requirement for women. This means that a hundred percent of ladies in Israel serve in the Israel Defense Forces for a period of 2 or more years and go through all the hardships of the life of a soldier. Well, we cannot claim the Israeli army to be a bad place to be. It is known for its excellent conditions. However, the army is army after all. And serving in the military is tough and leaves a footprint on a woman’s character.

Because of this challenging environment, they change a lot mentally. Jewish women are a lot stronger and competent in making important decisions quickly as if someone’s life depended on it. They can be in charge and have excellent organizational skills. They do not have to be directed by anyone, which is a clear indicator of how independent they are.

Nevertheless, by any means, it does not suggest that they would not listen to you if you start dating an Israeli woman. On the contrary, they have learned respect throughout their entire lives. So they understand that mutual appreciation is crucial for a lasting relationship.

Exceptionally Smart

It is only fair to notice that apart from being hardy, these beautiful girls are also brilliant and well-educated. While Jewish people are considered to be overall incredibly intelligent. So it is in her genes, they also invest a lot into their personal development. The educational system in Israel is one of the best in the world. It ensures all Israeli brides have an outstanding knowledge of our world. Moreover, they are very successful in the application of it.

This brings us to stating that besides everything else, Israeli brides are very ambitious. They set goals and have all the resources to reach them. These stunning ladies have both the mental capacity and an opportunity to become whatever they like to be.

In Israel, young women receive a lot of support with their prospecting careers and are encouraged to challenge themselves. In fact, there is even an organization aimed at empowering young women and teaching them that women are equal to men. Indeed, Israel is a highly emancipated country, with Israeli women working in STEM.

It goes without saying that with all the great education Israeli brides receive, they are fluent in English by the time they leave school. Even though it is not their first language. Therefore, you should not be put off trying to find Israeli brides by fear you would not be able to communicate. On the contrary, with women from Israel dating becomes an extremely pleasurable experience as they are great partners that can hold pretty much any conversation.

Great Housewives

Despite being all strong an independent, and extremely career-oriented, Israeli women are still great at house making. They can do it all, combining their respectable jobs with completing house chores. Dating an Israeli woman means you will always be comforted and surrounded by a lot of tasty dishes your wife will cook for you. Indeed, these ladies are amazing cooks, so you will get a chance to taste all the national dishes.

The only thing is that quite a lot of Israeli women keep a special diet and only eat kosher. However, this is not a problem, since they know how to make anything literally be rich in flavor!

Apart from that, Israeli girls do not like to postpone giving birth. The fertility rate in Israel is 3.8, which means it is normal for Israeli brides to want at least two kids. Family is of the highest importance to these women, so you can be sure she will make a perfect mother to your children. Especially since in Israel children are brought up in a very peculiar way. From a very early age, they are treated as adults, with the utmost respect, which teaches them responsibility. Kids are rarely absentmindedly topped from taking any actions but are rather explained the consequences of those. This method is extremely successful as it shapes an understanding of the outer world.

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Jewish people did not have their own country for a very long time, with Israel manifesting its independence only in 1948. This implies that for centuries the land of modern Israel was crossed by many nations. Therefore it is normal to expect the Jewish beauty to be extremely diverse. The blood mixing has affected the way beautiful Israeli women look. There is not a universal picture of a Jewish lady as they can look very different. However, the characteristics that most women from this country share is having beautiful dark eyes, dark brown or black hair and a fair complexion.

Best Sites for Dating an Israeli Woman

  • AsiaCharm
  • FindAsianBeauty
  • AsianBeautyOnline

As we have already mentioned, finding a Jewish lady for marriage online can be a sort of a challenge. They are not as keen on leaving their Promised Land for a foreign man as girls from other countries. However, it does not mean that they are not represented on online mail order bride services at all. It simply implies that you just have to make sure to choose those sites that have a lot of good review history and are the best. The best is the only option Israeli women accept!

No need to worry, though, we got you covered. Below is a couple of sites that feature some stunning Israeli brides you could match with:


  • This website has free credits for new users which means you can try the waters before embracing the world of online dating with Israeli brides;
  • It is simple in use;
  • Allows chatting with several women at a time, which increases your chances of getting to know more girls better.


  • A large international platform that features an impressive number of profiles of Jewish ladies;
  • Has an advanced search tool that ensures you have the best possible compatibility with your match;
  • Mandatory ID verification of female users.


  • Reliable service with an outstanding moderators team that keeps the space fakes-free;
  • Offers advanced features to diversify your communication;
  • Has many Israeli mail order brides available for chat.


The authenticity of the intentions of Jewish girls who turn to online mail order bride services to find a man is not even the greatest quality that is so attractive about these ladies. Israeli brides can boast an impressive set of personal traits that will make you fall in love with them. However, before we go any further into listing all the features that Israeli ladies are famous for, it is important to remind you that all people are unique. So your particular Israeli date might not match the following description entirely. It is absolutely normal only partially to resemble the average portrait of people from our country.

It is our quirks that make us stand out among the rest of the people around us. You can rely on this list to get you acknowledged with what Israeli brides are usually like. Though we cannot guarantee that the one you meet will have all of these traits. So you would better get to know your match yourself!  


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