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This article describes the features of beautiful Iranian women and explains what makes them perfect for marriage. And if you decide you would want an Iranian wife, we also have a couple of sites for you to look for Iranian mail order brides.

Features of Iranian Brides


While we do not necessarily talk about all Iranian girls, we can vouch for Iranian mail order brides being extremely smart and well-educated. In fact, they are even more educated than their local men. According to the statistics, in Iran, more than 70 percent of university graduates in STEM subjects are women. This is apparent for several reasons, the main one being the fact males are legally obliged to serve in the army for two years straight after finishing high school if they fail to enroll into a university. On the other hand, females are not limited in their attempts to get into a good higher education establishment and get a diploma.

It is fair to say that Iranian women are very competitive in everything they do, including the way they study. Therefore, they always try to learn as much as possible to be the first. This, of course, affects their overall intelligence. These ladies are competent not only in their professional fields. They are generally very well-rounded as it is what the society demands them to be.

Interesting to Talk With

For this reason, you can be sure if you decide to couple up with a Persian mail order bride, you will never be bored in her company. These girls know a lot of different interesting things and will willingly hold any conversation. They are excellent at communicating with people on various topics and keeping the chat smooth and flowing. Moreover, they do so in fluent English. As it has already been mentioned, girls from this Asian country receive a very thorough education, which includes language studies. This means you will not experience any difficulties trying to talk to Iranian women for marriage. Moreover, you will definitely save a solid amount of cash by not needing any translational services.

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Loyal and Honest

As we have already established, these girls have a lot to say and are not avert to the idea of having a sophisticated conversation. However, another thing than you need to know about the words Iranian women say is that their speeches will not only be incredibly intelligent but also completely honest. Lying is considered to be a sin of the highest rank in Iran. So from a very early age, Iranian girls are taught that they always have to stay truthful.

This also applies to the way they approach relationships. Iranian brides would never act behind your back, and would always stay loyal to you. However, while it is true you would never be cheated on, you also have to respect the woman of your choice and reciprocate her attitude. Mutual respect for spouses is very important in Iranian culture. Nevertheless, if you do follow these simple guidelines, you can be sure that your Iranian lady will always have you back. She will be supportive of everything you do as she would wish you to succeed and become the best version of yourself.

Traditional and Family-Oriented

Although as we have already learned that many hot Iranian women are enrolled in universities with the prospect of pursuing a successful career in a challenging field upon graduation. It does not mean they are not focused on their families. On the contrary, Iranian brides are very traditional and value their families above anything else.

Girls from Iran are very serious about their intentions and all believe that the wedding is a logical step in the development of any relationship. This means they do not tolerate casual flings and are only considering those men who are ready for the commitment. Especially since the Persian wedding is such a big deal, you might have heard about these if you have researched the topic of dating an Iranian woman at least a bit. Wedding in Iran is traditionally an extremely large pompous festivity that attracts a lot of relatives, even the most distant ones, and. What you might want to note is that usually the groom’s family pays for it.

Nevertheless, the scale of the wedding allows us to understand how important of an event it is in the life of every Iranian bride. So you can estimate the value her family has in her life. Indeed, Iranian mail order brides are extremely focused on building a stable and happy unit of society. Which means they are keen on creating a loving relationship with their husbands and raising a couple of kids with him.


Hot Iranian women have absolutely everything that draws Western men to beautiful Asian ladies. Having a mixture of European and Arabian features in their genes, they are simply stunning naturally. Sexy Iranian girls have big dark eyes that are speaking volumes, smooth olive skin and plump sensual lips. Furthermore, just like the rest of Asian ladies, they are known for their long silky dark hair. Speaking of the most common figure shape, these ladies usually have hour-glass figures with curves in all the right places.

However, it is not all about natural beauty. Apart from being blessed with gorgeous looks from birth, these ladies also invest a lot into enhancing their appearance by applying skillful makeup and wearing trendy clothes.

Where to Meet Iranian Brides Online?


There are plenty of Iranian brides that want to become a wife to a foreign man. So you should not experience any shortage of Iranian mail order brides on online dating websites. Nevertheless, we advise against hopping on just the first site you see without checking a review of it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out after your money. Those people want to catfish you into thinking you are chatting to legit Iranian women for marriage while really you are just conversing with a fake. To avoid situations like this, you should only visit trustworthy sites that have thorough moderation, for example:


  • One of the largest international platforms that has a lot of profiles of Iranian mail order brides to find;
  • Has mandatory verification of user profiles;
  • Offers many additional services to diversify communication.


  • A popular Asian dating platform with many Iranian ladies featured;
  • The site is growing, so more and more new Iranian brides are registering daily;
  • Has a 128-bit SSL protected payment system.


Beautiful Iranian women will make a perfect wife for you if you are among those men who do not only want a lady who is a pleasure to look at but can also boast some solid knowledge of the world. These girls are exceptionally smart, which only enhances the rest of their features, making them genuinely outstanding for marriage. Moreover, they do make perfect mail order brides. They can always keep the conversation going not only by telling you plenty about their culture but also by sharing their points of view on the most important and complicated things. 


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