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Indonesian mail order brides are becoming increasingly more and more popular among foreign men looking for an international wife online. This review seeks to explore which features exactly make girls from Indonesia so desirable among single men worldwide: it covers such points as the strong family values intrinsic to Indonesian women, their extreme politeness and sociability in particular. Moreover, here we also suggest the best websites to go on when searching for Indonesian brides for sale.

Why Indonesian Mail Order Bride

Indonesian women are among the most desired ladies in Asia, with men literally fighting to win a hot girl’s heart. The reasons for such a universal appeal of these girls are understandable. Their features make them perfect women for dating and marriage.

Features of Indonesian Women

indonesian mail order brides


Women from Indonesia are known for their traditional family values. They place their family above anything else, and if you are lucky enough for her to consider you her family, you can be sure you will be praised and comforted and protected at all costs.

In Indonesia, it is normal for parents to be involved in their daughters’ lives, so if you win an Indonesian girl’s heart, you should expect being introduced to her family so that they could get to know you better. The reason why they would be eager to meet you is that they want to make sure their future bride is with the right person.

However, you should not really worry too much about meeting her parents as such meetings are always very laid-back and casual, and are often accompanied by a festive meal prepared by the bride herself and her mother.

Skilled Cooks

This is another important aspect that defines a picture of an average Indonesian brides: they all are great cooks and can compete with actual chefs at fancy restaurants. It is in their culture to pay a lot of attention to family dining, so girls know a lot of extravagant recipes of different traditional and modern dishes they would be more than willing to surprise you with. No more pizza takeaways!

Although cooking is not the only strength these ladies can boast. They are generally great housemakers and are ready to take the household responsibilities on themselves. They are very hard-working and want to keep their houses as clean and tidy as possible. After marriage, brides spend a lot of time at home and dedicate their lives to creating and maintaining a pleasant and loving atmosphere at home.

Not Career-Driven

While some singles from Indonesia do want to pursue a career, most of them do not resemble their western counterparts in a strong desire to make money the same way their husband does. Indonesian wives accept their stay-at-home wife roles and expect the head of the family, the man, to support the family financially. Because of this, it is often that the man has the last word in any argument granted one arises. Indonesian ladies are very gentle and not precisely hot-tempered, so quarrels are rare. Yet, if there is one, brides will never make it known to the public as they value family privacy above anything. 

Indonesian Girls are Polite and Well-Mannered

One of the most appealing things about brides from Indonesia is that from a very early age, they are taught respect and manners not only within their family but also in regards to the outside world. In Indonesian culture, it is vital to bring your child up in such a way that they know how to behave appropriately in every possible situation. For this very reason dating Indonesian ladies has proven to be rather easy as they are very sensible and polite, and would never disrespect the person they are interacting with. Moreover, they are well aware of the rules of etiquette and follow them in all the social situations.

Apart from that, these ladies are known for their empathetic nature. They care deeply for the feelings of those around them, and would often go out of their way to comfort their close ones if they are hurt or just simply upset. What allows these girls to be so polite is their natural insight. They can read people well, and therefore know when it is best to approach someone, and when people would rather be left alone.

Emotional and Passionate

Because of how empathetic Indonesian brides are, they are often very emotional. Their hearts are very fragile, and they feel a whole wide range of different things. This makes them very passionate, which would clearly spice your relationship up granted you choose one of the Indonesian women for marriage.

However, due to their responsiveness to external mental stimuli, they may come across as clingy to some, but best believe it is only because once they fall in love with a man, they are trying to do everything possible to show him how much brides adore him. This also reinforces the idea of loyalty nurtured in these ladies’ brains: they commit to their relationships and expect the same from their men.

Women from Indonesia are very romantic, so you can expect all kinds of gestures of a passion aimed at pleasing you.

Outgoing and Communicable

The aforementioned politeness and kindness win single ladies from Indonesia  a lot of acquaintances and potential future friends. Brides are very outgoing and cheerful and are frequently well-liked by the people around them. Indonesian brides are often quite garrulous and know how to keep the conversation flowing.

It is not difficult for them to contribute towards pretty much any discussion as they are known for their outstanding common knowledge and inbuilt ability to use it in the most creative way. One way or another, Indonesian women know how to interest a guy with a good talk.


Another thing that attracts a lot of foreign men to buy a wife of Indonesian descend is how beautiful these ladies are. There are plenty of hot girls, and you do not have to dig deep to realize it. Pretty much every single profile belonging to Indonesian brides online shows a gorgeous lady.

Sites to Meet Indonesian Wife for Sale

  • Indonesian Mail Order Brides

There are plenty of websites where you can meet women from Indonesia for marriage. The top ones are:


  • One of the largest and most respected platforms for online dating that features thousands of profiles of hot Indonesian brides.
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  • Great moderation so you can be sure all the profiles of Indonesian brides for marriage are legit.


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  • It offers translation services.


To sum up, it can be said that Indonesian brides are perfect for you if you are looking for a passionate, tender and emotional woman that would support you at all times and be a great mother to your children. Moreover, you would love to marry an Indonesian lady if you value politeness and good manners as well as outstanding looks.

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