Cambodian Mail Order Brides

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Cambodia is still not that big on online dating due to a lot of cultural peculiarities and pitiful national history of human trafficking. Nevertheless, the industry is rapidly growing as the country is changing its customs: more and more Cambodian women sign up to online dating sites to find a foreign husband. And this is thrilling news because every Cambodian woman for marriage can boast many appealing features that make her a very desirable wife. This review uncovers what are these traits exactly as well as it provides the sits that will legit help you to meet your Cambodian beauty.

Cambodian Mail Order Brides

cambodian mail order brides

International online dating has just commenced in Cambodia, so it is a very young branch that is still in the development stage. Cambodian mail order brides are still frowned upon at some places within the country since this term has certain negative connotations that are evoked by the association of the phrase with a very painful for Cambodia problem of human trafficking.

This is why it is much harder to come across Cambodian women for marriage online than any other Asian ladies— turning to the help of dating agencies is yet to become a regular practice among Cambodia’s locals.

Moreover, it is still not very common to meet Cambodian girls dating foreign men out of their free will (this tendency is changing, though!). Therefore, up to this day, Cambodian brides remain a rather exotic choice for men looking for an international wife online.

Single Cambodian women used to be completely inaccessible by foreign men, at least to those turning to legal practice (as we have already mentioned, smuggling of brides is a huge issue) because of the communist regime that was still prevalent in the country, and have only appeared in the international dating scene in the past couple of years.

For this reason, they still have a tad of mystery to their characters, which, without a doubt brings the child-like excitement to getting to know them and subsequently dating a Cambodian woman. Nevertheless, the demand for these beautiful girls is more than understandable as they, indeed, have a lot of interesting features in the store.

Appearance of Cambodian Women

It is vital to understand that Khmer women are as unique in their appearance as they are unique in their personality traits. Therefore, they represent a complete opposite of what a western lady looks like. Nevertheless, they do look very nice.


Usually, Cambodian women are rather short and overall tiny, although those who have Chinese roots in their family tree tend to be taller than the average across Asia


It is only fair to say that most Khmer women are slim and toned, and even those who are not thin according to the Cambodian standards, are still very slender in the eyes of western people.

Dark Hair

Cambodian women are of a slightly darker complexion, have dark thick hair and dark almond-shaped eyes

Youthful Appearance

Another point regarding the looks of Cambodian brides that need to be discussed is how young most of the girls look. The western cult of the so-called ‘bold look’ is not a trend in Cambodia, where girls lean towards looking more feminine, cute and innocent. Therefore, you can expect Cambodian mail-order brides to appear younger than they really are. The trick is, you should still make sure you know your girl’s real age so that you don’t fall in the trap of being accused of seducing a minor.

Characteristics of Single Cambodian Women

Modest and Reserved

A common feature intrinsic to a lot of Cambodian brides is their modesty and some would even say detachedness as these ladies prefer to stay in the shadow of their men, and not to cause any drama. They are not keen on drawing too much attention to their personas, and would much rather just not be involved in any sort of uncalled social interaction.

This implies that dating a Cambodian woman can be a bit difficult for someone who considers himself a player and gets women by putting them under a spotlight through showering them with compliments. On the contrary, Cambodian women praise their men and do everything to please them.


Cambodian girls are not hot-tempered, which spares you of heated arguments and lets you be the one having the final word in the decision making the process.

Traditional and Conservative

Cambodian girls value traditions, including the family-related ones. Family is the top priority for any Cambodian woman for marriage and it will always be. They are ready to give up a lot to facilitate the well-being of their loved ones. This means that Cambodian brides are not opposed to the idea of becoming the stay at home wives, which differentiates them from all the western women that insist on pursuing a career and making money on equal terms with their husbands.

Another thing that units Cambodian women is their religiousness. The main religion in Cambodia is Buddhism. According to the traditional standards and the societal pressure, all single Cambodian women you will meet are pure and innocent. It is against the societal norms to have any sort of sexual intercourse before marriage, so all of those ladies are virgins.

Decent English

Although it is true that the Cambodian educational system is currently going through the process of reformation, and is yet to reach the European and western standards, which, sadly, means that not many Cambodian girls have completed education past the compulsory primary school level. Nevertheless, a lot of Khmer girls have a pretty decent level of English. It may not be fluent, but it is much better than anticipated, granted the circumstances in particular. Moreover, Cambodian brides are known for their natural curiosity and would love to find themselves a man who would share his knowledge with them. So you get a chance to act as a mentor for a young lady.

Dating Site to Meet Cambodian Girls



In case of dating a Cambodian woman, it is especially important to make sure you turn to an absolutely legit Cambodian dating site, and not to sign up to a platform associated with the prostitution or human trafficking businesses that are literally selling girls for a set price. This is illegal, and this is definitely not how mail order bride services work. For this very reason, you need to make sure you go on trustworthy sites, such as:


  • A reliable site that has profiles of Cambodian women for you to meet.
  • An easy to navigate platform that offers a lot of additional features to diversify your communication.
  • Fraud-protection system.


  • A large Asian online dating platform that features multiple profiles of Cambodian mail order brides.
  • First 20 credits are free.
  • Has a user-friendly mobile app.


Cambodian brides are an exotic choice for men who would like to connect with truly special women. These ladies are innocent and somewhat naïve and are willing to explore the world. They are looking for an ideal partner to do it with, someone to shower with love and appreciation. It may well be you!


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