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April 18, 2019

Thailand is a popular tourist attraction. People of all ages go to Thailand to enjoy the natural beauty, but many also go there to find love. Online dating in Thailand have come a long way in the last decade. Thai women and Thai mail order brides are known for their caring attitude. However, finding a Thailand woman can be challenging: there are many dating sites in Thailand, many of which do not have a good reputation and fake membership profiles. Do not waste time on these dating sites because you will only be disappointed. In this article, you will see the best dating sites in Thailand, which you can trust, to find an authentic date in Thailand.

Updated for August 2020
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1 Asia Charm logoAsia Charm 9.9 Visit Site
2 FindAsianBeauty logoFindAsianBeauty 9.8 Visit Site
3 AsianBeautyOnline logoAsianBeautyOnline 9.6 Visit Site
4 DateAsianWoman logoDateAsianWoman 9.4 Visit Site
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Thailand mail order brides

Finding a Thai girl for marriage



ThaiCupid is probably the biggest dating site in Thailand with more than 1.5 million members. It belongs to CupidMedia, an improved relationship network. Founded in 2002, ThaiCupid has snowballed over the last decade and has authentic profiles only for members of the group, unlike other Thai dating sites. With such a massive user base, you can quickly find a right match..

ThaiCupid uniqueness

The only thing about Thai Cupid is that it has a different international audience than most Thai dating sites. In addition to local Thais, Thai residents around the world can register to find a Thai date in their home country. Also, expatriates around the world can register on ThaiCupid. This is the best way for a stranger to find a date before even arriving in Thailand. The site is available in 14 major languages other than Thai. registration process

Registration at Thai Cupid is quick and easy, and you can also register via Facebook. Just enter some necessary information, and you’ll have immediate access to member profiles without the need for activation.

Thai Cupid subscription options

There are three subscription options: Standard (Free), Gold and Premium. As you probably know, any authentic dating site will limit the functions of free members to protect the confidentiality of paid members and avoid scammers.

The free subscription allows navigation, basic research, sending interests and communication with paying members. The Gold Membership has several features such as communication with all members, live chat, email, and anonymous browsing. Membership Platinum is the best solution because it offers all the features of the Gold membership and a higher rank in the search results, highlighting the profile, advanced search function, advanced matching and support multilingual. The Gold membership costs $ 11.67 per month billed annually, and the Platinum subscription costs $ 13.33 per month billed annually. There are also short-term options of 1 month and three months, with a slightly higher monthly cost.


thai brides is the second free dating site in Thailand with more than one million members. ThaiFriendly is focusing more on the expatriate community or the Farangs in search of Thai single women.

An exclusive feature of

The exciting thing about ThaiFriendly is that messages are free and new members can start sending instant messages to all registered members within 10 minutes between messages.

Overview of ThaiFriendly

ThaiFriendly gives the impression of an informal meeting site. As its name suggests, ThaiFriendly is a place to find friends with whom to socialize and develop a relationship. I prefer this method because it offers the opportunity to refer to new people before starting a relationship, especially if it is new in one place. Here you will find many Thai teens looking for a casual, occasional relationship. After registering on this site, I immediately had the interest of a much smaller student who was looking for a friendship.

You can also find many Thai women looking for men for a more serious relationship, but it is necessary to investigate further. Membership

Free membership does not offer many options in terms of search functionality. The Premium Membership offers many other features, such as advanced search, unlimited messaging, privacy control, profile highlighting, and visitor profile information. The premium subscription is pretty cheap: $ 8.3 per month billed annually. You can also apply for a one-month subscription for $ 24.95, but an annual subscription will be way cheaper.


The first thing you notice about ThaiLoveLines is its slightly annoying interface. But do not let the user interface fool you, ThaiLoveLines is the best place to meet traditional Thai women.

Overview of

Although the number of members is not as significant as the first two dating sites mentioned above, ThaiLoveLines still has an extensive database of beautiful Thai women. Here you will find Thai women looking for a more serious type of relationship.

Sign up to ThaiLoveLines

The registration process on is a little longer with three pages of information to complete. While this is an excellent way to filter out spammers or fake members, it can be a bit frustrating for those who prefer to fill out the details later or who prefer to ignore specific details.

ThaiLoveLines Membership

Free registration on ThaiLoveLines offers a profile for flirtation and viewing. With Premium, you get features like live chat, messaging and advanced search. Premium membership fees are $ 9.90 per month billed annually, or you can opt for a one-month subscription for $ 19.99.

THAIKISSES.COM is relatively new but has more than half a million active members. The design of the website is clean and modern. Like most dating sites in Thailand, ThaiKisses is also geared toward expatriates.

Description of

The particularity of is that you can also find the woman profiles here if you are interested in such things. ThaiKisses has all the essential features of a typical dating site, with a translation available in 7 languages other than Thai. The interface is easy to use with many filtering options to reduce matches.

Sign up to ThaiKisses

Registration at ThaiKisses is comfortable with the necessary information required for registration. You can also sign up for Facebook. After registration, you will be asked to enter additional details, but you can ignore most of them.

ThaiKisses Membership

The free membership on ThaiKisses offers a profile view based on advanced filters and short match selections. With Premium, you get features like live chat and messages. The premium membership fee is € 12.50 per month billed annually, or you can opt for a one-month subscription for € 35.00.

ASIANDATING.COM is not a Thailand-themed dating site, but it still has a large membership base in Thailand. It is a central site of ThaiCupid, with over 2.5 million members worldwide, including Thailand. overview

As a premium site, AsiaDating offers a user-quality experience for browsing member profiles. You can easily search for different factors, such as age, location, status and many other lifestyles. AsianDating is a huge website with local and international equivalents. No matter where you live on the planet, if you are looking for an Asian date, is the number one site. The site is available in 15 languages, including Thai.

AsianDating registration process

The registration process is similar to ThaiCupid because both sites are owned by CupidMedia. Like ThaiCupid, you can instantly access member profiles without completing your profile.

AsianDating subscription options

The free membership allows you to view, perform basic searches, express your interest and send messages to paying members. The Gold subscription includes several features such as all-in-one chat, instant messaging, messaging, and anonymous browsing. Membership Platinum is the best solution because it offers all the features of the Gold membership and a higher rank in the search results, highlighting the profile, advanced search function, advanced matching and support multilingual. The Gold membership costs $ 10 per month, with exclusive billing, and the Platinum subscription costs $ 12.50 per month, with one-time billing. There are also short-term options of 1 month and three months, with a slightly higher monthly cost.

How to choose the best Thai mail order bride website?

The Internet is full of information on how to choose the best site to find a Thai girl for marriage, unlike girls from another country. The best hypothesis is that such abundant content has only been created for famous yellow fever. Although it has nothing to do with a health problem, it’s not a joke, and many people have already been there. As a result, you have many tips, so and you should just enjoy your experience with the websites. I spent many hours reading dozens of websites until I realized that everyone has one thing in common. You can choose any site because they are all identical, with small differences, but you must take care of fraudsters.

The advantages and disadvantages of dating Thai single ladies

thai single ladies

Marrying a thai woman has many compelling advantages over marriage to a western girl. However, you should not overlook the inconveniences that could also be expected as your marriage develops. Here is a short list of the most common advantages and disadvantages you can expect.


Exotic lifestyle

Bride a girl from an exotic country like Thailand brings a lot of new things into your life, from food specialties to sleep patterns. From my experience, a new culture has thrilled my life, and I no longer feel stuck in my routine.

Always happy

Whatever your day, a Thai girl knows how to see the positive side of life. You will not complain about your difficulties with a foreign language or a little disagreement with your mother-in-law. From this point of view, having a passionate partner is more important than anything else in the world. You must be humble and powerful to overcome crises and lead a happy life together.


Great chance of her being a professional

I do not want to exaggerate or generalize, but there is a good chance that a pretty girl is sitting next to you in a bar wonders if you like Thai food is a professional prostitute. Because of their popularity among foreigners, places like Pattaya are not places to find a woman, because people usually play and leave their worries aside. Even on the net, it is possible that a girl is not authentic. You should take this into account and not be naive. I bet you can understand the difference between a modest girl and a smart prostitute who wants to fool you. In particular, you can know if a girl has gone to university if she has a good job, etc., which is the life of an ordinary woman who earns her money in a right way.


Scams are an exception and not a rule. Thailand is a beautiful country with wonderful Thai women. Online dating is still the main method of meeting in Thailand; be careful when you meet a Thai girl. I hope you will soon find love in Thailand!

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April 18, 2019
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