Malaysian brides are a very special type of Asian ladies who are somewhat similar to their other Asian counterparts but still have something unique to them. This article seeks to explain who Malaysian mail order brides are, why Malay girls become ones, and what is that so special about them that makes them so appealing to single men seeking a wife worldwide. Below we will explore the exotic beauty of Malaysian girls, their meek character and what makes them so good for marriage. Apart from that, we provide a list of reliable websites to go on when looking to meet Malaysian women for marriage.

Malaysian Women Dating

Thanks to the development of the internet, geographical location is no longer a limit when searching for the love of your life, so single men worldwide can embrace the world of online dating to find themselves Malaysian mail order brides.

Who Are Malaysian Mail Order Brides?

Before we go any further in learning more about these magnificent ladies and what makes them so attractive to foreign men from all around the world, it is essential to draw a clear line of understanding of who Malaysian mail-order brides really are, since the term itself may be somewhat deceitful from the first sight.

Indeed, in many Asian countries that have a long history of lucrative yet absolutely abominable human trafficking, the phrase ‘mail-order bride’ can evoke some negative emotions. However, it is entirely uncalled for as online mail order bride services have nothing to do with human smuggling, and are legal! In fact, what this expression refers to is that men from around the globe simply pay for the ability to access the websites where prospective brides place their profiles and subsequently use the additional features these sites provide for contacting hot ladies.

Nevertheless, it is literally as far as your payment can get you, as Malaysian dating sites do not promise you a liking of a certain girl, let alone marriage with her, depending on the sum of money you invest into the platform. They only facilitate your communication, whereas the rest of it is entirely up to you!

For this very reason, you need to make sure you know exactly how to approach Malaysian women for marriage and know the peculiarities of dating Malaysian women to make your conversations fruitful.

Features of Malaysian Women for Marriage

It will be only fair to notice that all the ladies are diverse and unique, and you cannot really create a collective portrait that would be accurate for every single individual Malay girl. However, it is true that women worldwide, Malaysia included, do have more in common than they have different. Therefore, we can claim that the beautiful Malaysian women you are to meet on various online dating sites will likely have if not all then at least some of the following traits.

Traditional Values

Before you commence dating Malaysian women, it is incredibly important to understand that Eastern society is very different from the Western one. One of the main factors that indicate this difference is the attitude towards traditions.

While western girls are very modern and revisionist, eastern ladies, Malay brides, in particular, are big on living their lives in accordance with the dogmas written in their cultures. Indeed, traditions and religion play a huge role in the life of a Malay girl and define the way they act in certain situations. Therefore, you need to learn a bit about Malaysian culture before you start talking to Malay brides to not come across as vulgar or inappropriate.

Indeed, some things that are perceived as completely common and normal in the USA and Europe are not accepted in eastern countries. This is particularly evident when it comes to relationships and interactions between males and females.

No Intimacy Before Marriage

One night stands and casual flings are not something you can expect to find in Malaysia as girls in Malaysia are much more prude than their western counterparts, and often save their virginity for their husbands. This is as big a part of their culture as paying close attention to their family.

Family as the First Priority

Malaysian wives are incredibly family-oriented and care deeply about their family’s wellbeing and opinion. This means that they are much less eager to pursue a challenging career as they believe it is their responsibility to manage the household. They believe that the husband is the head of the family, and the last word is after him, no matter what. Of course, your Malaysian wife will take part in the decision making processes within the family business, but she will also accept whatever the decision you make.

Supportiveness and Loyalty

Once Malay brides set their eyes on you, you can be sure that you are in their hearts forever. It is common knowledge that Malaysian ladies are only looking for long-term commitments. This explains the extremely low divorce rates among international couples where the wife comes from Malaysia: these ladies avert the very idea of cheating on the one they choose to tie knots with. Yet again, it comes from the traditional upbringing widespread in Malaysia, where from a very tender age young girls are taught respect. Malay brides know that for the union of two hearts to be strong and long-lasting, respect must be an ongoing thing radiated from both sides.

Malay girls are incredibly loyal, and they expect you to reciprocate it. In return, they would be the most supportive wives one can ever think of. As it has already been discussed, the cultural peculiarities of this country define man as a bread-winner whose actions are indisputable. And this is exactly how your Malaysian wife will treat you! She will encourage you with every start you take, and will always have you back.

Great Housewives

The previous statement is particularly relevant as while their men earn money to support the family financially, Malay brides do everything they can to keep the house cozy and tidy. They are incredibly gifted with maintaining the household seeming without too much effort put into it.

However, it is not only the house chores they do on a daily basis, but they are also amazing cooks. Because in their childhood years Malaysian girls spend a lot of time with their mothers (this is where they learn how to look after kids and provide them with all the necessities), they absorb a lot of knowledge about local cuisine. So you can be sure to forget the usual for the westerns takeaways and frozen pizzas, your Malaysian will treat you to some delicious meals every day. Moreover, because of how diverse Asian cuisine is, it is also very likely you will be exposed to a whole new world of different flavors every day. How exciting, isn’t it?!

Great Combination of Outgoingness and Humbleness

Another feature of Malaysian women for marriage is how well-balanced in their character they are. Generally, they are pretty humble and modest and do not like to attract too much attention to their personas. However, if the situation calls, they can be really friendly and outgoing, and talkative. They are not too shy to communicate with people they do not know that well, which contributes to a decent conversation.

Moreover, what is also a feature intrinsic to a lot of Malay brides is how great their sense of humor is. It is always pleasant to meet a lady know can crack a funny joke, so be ready always to be entertained.


Unfortunately, Malaysian girls are often not as well-educated as women from Western and European countries, so their English can be somewhat underwhelming. Nevertheless, the girls featured on Malaysian dating sites are usually the ones who have a better education than an average woman in their country and can hold a conversation in English just fine. And if not, it is a standard practice for respected online dating websites to provide translation services for a small additional fee so that you could get to know a hot Malay girl better.

And be sure, taking into consideration how committed these ladies are, if she likes you she will do everything possible to make it up to you and learn the language so that you could spend more time together without any obstacles on your way.

Appealing Looks

At last but not at least, one of the most distinctive features of Malaysian ladies is their great appearance. We cannot argue with the facts, these girls are extremely hot and do in fact often turn heads of foreign men fond of exotic Asian beauty.

Because of years of interracial marriages, Malay brides’ appearances cannot really be unified, as many of them look very unique and different due to the mixing of blood. Originally people of darker descend, these hot ladies are now of a slightly lighter complexion. They usually have enviable dark shiny hair and round brown eyes. A lot of Malay girls have rather sharp facial features which make them have strong faces.

As in regards to their posture and figures, just like in the rest of Asian countries, beautiful Malaysian women are very slim (even those who are considered to be a bit chubby in Asia will be viewed as perfectly slender from the Western standpoint) and petite.

Why Do Malay Women Become Mail Order Brides?

Every single woman that decides to sign up to a mail-order bride service her own reasons for it, but generally speaking it is because these ladies often want to scape Malaysia and relocate to a ‘first-world’ country with a man they would truly love.

Despite Malaysia transcending into a better future, the process of reformation is happening rather slowly with some intimidating if not humiliating traditions still being followed in the society. Unfortunately, girls in Malaysia often do not receive the treatment they deserve, their wishes are frequently being overlooked, and the government tolerates in-family violence.

This is what these ladies want to break free from. And this is exactly why mail order brides are so popular in Malaysia with so many Malay brides signing up to various online dating sites.

What Are the Best Malaysian Dating Sites?

As it has already been mentioned, international online dating is a big thing among Malay brides, so there are plenty of beautiful Malaysian women on various online dating websites and you will not have to restlessly wonder where to meet them. Nevertheless, it is still important to be extremely careful when choosing a site to hop on to connect with these ladies. Before anything else, you have to ensure that your online dating experience is as safe as possible, and you do not fall victim to fishy sites that are full of shady scammers trying to impersonate hot Malaysian women to get some money off you.

Usually, it is not that difficult to understand whether a site is legit or not since all the respectable platforms care deeply about their users’ safety and have very strong moderation guidelines that scare away all the fraudsters. Yet, it still would be very unpleasant to go through a nasty experience of having to communicate with someone who wants to play with your feelings for their own profit, so we recommend you to choose the sites that have a good reputation simply. A couple of such sites that are proven to be excellent platforms for meeting Malaysian women for marriage are:

Asia Charm

  • One of the most popular in Asia online dating services that has a lot of accounts of hot Malaysian girls;
  • The quality of accounts featured on the site is very high as they all undergo thorough moderation that blocks or freezes suspicious accounts until further investigation;
  • The website vision is that love should not have any boundaries, so they offer translation services that are available for a small fee for all members upon request.

Asian Feels

  • A wide range of profiles of girls from Malaysia that is constantly expanding due to the rising popularity of the platform among the Malaysia locals;
  • The registration process is very quick and will not take up more than 5 minutes of your time;
  • The site offers additional features that can diversify your communication with Malay brides by sending them gifts and flowers in real life.

Romance Tale

  • The website has an incredibly large pool of hot Malaysian ladies profiles to choose from;
  • Verification of accounts is mandatory for the female users so you can be sure you are in a catfish-free environment;
  • For payments they use a 128-bit SSL protected payment system that ensures your financial information stays safe.


Malaysian mail order brides are a great choice for you if you are keen on getting to know an Asian woman yet still want her to be somewhat westernized. These ladies may not resemble American women in any way, but Malaysia is currently undergoing some major changes that bring western values to the traditions prevalent in Malay society. Malay brides are very family-oriented, respectful and loyal, they do not hate the idea of dedicating their lives to the household, their husbands and children.